Scrabble letters with the words "Read More" put in the middle.

Three Simples Tips That Will Help You Easily Read One Book Per Month

Hit your yearly reading goals by implementing these simple techniques.

Scrabble letters with the words "Read More" put in the middle.
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

While I find it very challenging to believe that the average CEO reads 60 books per year, there is something to be said for learning from the lessons of others instead of having to go through various experiences yourself.

The is one of the greatest benefits of reading, along with gaining knowledge and insight into how to respond to various situations and challenges as they arise.

But life gets busy, and it seems almost impossible to find time to squeeze in any amount of reading in a typical day.

I’ve been fortunate, however, to discover a few techniques that have allowed me to consistently read 1–2 books per month for the past 13 years.

They are so easy to implement you should be able to do so with little to no effort.

Bookend (see what I did there?) your days

This is the technique that works the best for me, as it allows me to jumpstart my day with knowledge and finish my day feeling that I’ve accomplished something.

Each morning, before I do anything else, I lay down and read for 25 minutes while simultaneously stretching.

This allows me to start by day by feeding my brain with new information that I hopefully can use in some way in the future.

On the flipside, I have a night time routine in which I plan to be in bed 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep.

Once again, this allows me to finish my day knowing that I’m learning something new that should help me reach my goals or better respond to some situation or obstacle in the future.

By committing to keeping these two times of the day sacred, I am able to get close to an hour of reading done every day, which typically results in reading at least one book per month, if not more.

Lunge and learn

This is also part of my morning routine, as I workout each morning after I get my 25 minutes of reading in.

For my daily 30 minute workout, I either listen to my current podcast of choice or I put on a book on tape to continue to feed my brain with knowledge to start the day.

Books on tape are a great way to obtain new information while doing something else, and what better “else” is there to do for your body than working out.

I workout six mornings a week, so this allows me to make a sizeable dent in a book each week to feed my knowledge appetite.

By doing this, I get to keep my mind healthy and growing while also doing the same for my body, a natural positive combo to start the day.

Drive and digest

This last technique is a no-brainer when you think about how much time is wasted on the road every day going to and from work or other destinations.

When I was a salesperson before COVID and had to travel to several meetings each day, listening to books on tape while I was driving changed everything for me.

When I was in my twenties I would spend that time listening to the latest Lil Wayne or Kanye West song, but when I finally wised up in my thirties, I recognized how precious this time was.

The amount of information you can learn if you substitute audio books for music while driving is life-changing.

I improved my sales tactics tremendously by learning from some of the greats like Jeffrey GitomerBrian Tracy, and Victor Antonio.

I learned different closing techniques, how to respond to various objections, as well as how to better structure my day for success during these drive and digest sessions.

Kanye and Lil Wayne weren’t going to teach me any of that.


While most of us know how important it is, reading can be very challenging to work into our days because of “life.”

Hopefully, these three tips will help you find that missing time in your day to consistently feed your intellectual curiosity.

And while I won’t say that you’ll be able to read that ridiculous number of books like the average CEO, you should be able to read enough to keep that intellectual appetite satisfied.