A woman with a beanie is sitting on a mountain looking out over the horizon with what appears to be a sunrise crestening.

Three Reasons Long-Term Wellness is IMPOSSIBLE Without Giving Up Alcohol

It allows you to start working to build the best version of yourself.

A woman with a beanie is sitting on a mountain looking out over the horizon with what appears to be a sunrise crestening.
Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

“Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being — in body, mind, and spirit.”
– Greg Anderson

Contrary to what many people may think, I’m NOT an addiction or sobriety coach.

If you’re unfamiliar with this, these individuals help people who consider themselves alcoholics to stop drinking.

Sure, some of my strategies can help, and I believe there is an unequivocal age when everyone should give up alcohol, especially if one considers themselves an alcoholic.

However, since I never got to that point, I can’t profess to be truly qualified to offer those individuals in that position the advice they seek to get the help they need.

Instead, I consider myself a wellness advocate.

By that, I mean that I profess that by giving up alcohol, you are giving yourself a chance to build the very best version of yourself.

There are three important reasons for this

You will age much better

As shared above, the equivocal age at which you should stop drinking is 40.

At this age, there are a number of changes your body goes through that makes you much more susceptible to the dangers caused by alcohol than before.

Not only that, but recent studies have directly linked alcohol to actually aging your cells much faster.

Therefore, if you refuse to give up drinking and try to behave as if you can still live the same type of life as before, you are at great risk of developing various diseases and ailments related to drinking alcohol and aging.

Poor skin, increased anxiety and depression, and increased liver problems are some of the issues to be worried about as you age.

There is no doubt as you age, everything from exercise to getting a good’s night sleep becomes much more challenging. Therefore, we must remove the one thing from our lives that will make all of those things even more difficult for our long-term development and health.

You will sleep better

Speaking of a good night’s worth of sleep, there is nothing more important than ensuring that this occurs as we age and through life.

A good night’s sleep is connected to so many health benefits that it is often called the holy grail of health, as it relates to solving so many people’s problems in health-related areas and non-health-related ones.

You’re having trouble concentrating during the day? You probably need to get a bit more sleep at night.

You do not see the results in the gym that you thought you would? You’re probably not getting the right amount of sleep to experience the growth your body should be getting.

Losing your patience or finding yourself getting easily upset in emotional conversations? Getting enough rest will often make it easier for us to deal with external issues as they occur.

Getting the right amount of quality sleep every now that is not hindered by alcohol will do wonders to allow one to improve all aspects of their life.

You remove the crutch to fix your own problems in life

This last point is the one that gets to the true crux of how giving up alcohol will allow you to take your life to the next level.

Alcohol is a crutch for us in many ways.

Whenever we have a difficult moment in life or a rough patch presents itself, instead of facing up and understanding the cause of said rough patch, we can instead decide to drink away our problems instead.

This decision to drink our problems away instead of doing the hard work to face them doesn’t allow many of us to grow.

Once we make the brave decision to put alcohol on the back burner, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat to create the version of ourselves that will be able to handle any issue that comes our way in the future.

And while I can’t say that all of your problems will be fixed once you make this decision, the number of problems you won’t have to worry about will make your future so much brighter than you could’ve imagined.