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My belief is that EVERYONE can be amazing if they are willing to 1. BELIEVE IT and 2. PUT IN THE WORK.

Before and After Pic of my weight after stopping drinking

“Everything you want in life is probably on the other side of giving up alcohol.” — Ken Makimsy Middleton

November 10th, 2018.

This is the night that I gave up drinking.

And while I can’t say that I’m 100% defined by the fact that I don’t drink, I can say that this decision forever changed the trajectory of my life. 

Up until the point in time, my life had been pretty mediocre and a constant barrage of underachievement, in my opinion.

Sure, I had accomplished some things that some people may consider decently respectful, as I had obtained my MBA from a top business school and achieved Director status at my former company.

However, for me, that level of success was not up to par with what I thought I could achieve. 

Therefore, when I made the decision to give up, it was about all the things that I still knew I had the ability to do in the world versus what I had accomplished up to that point and the fact that drinking was the anchor that was holding me back more than anything else in life. 

When I made this decision, I saw my life catapult in the direction of having way more focus and energy to achieve all the dreams of which I knew I was capable. I saw my physical and mental energy improve dramatically and realized that this was the level of commitment and focus I had been missing for all those years and knew it was time to take my game to the next level.

Eighteen months after I stopped drinking and realized my life was a million times better because of it, I started AINYF (Alcohol is Not Your Friend) focus on helping others do the same and create the best version of themselves. 

Since then, I extrapolated my writing to write about two of my other passions, fitness and just life in general.

Through my writing, my goal is for individuals to realize the power they have within themselves to do almost anything they put their minds to, but they must be willing to put away all of the distractions and deterrents that are going to make their road more difficult than needed. 

For some people like me, giving up alcohol could be the catalyst to spark the growth needed to focus on all the other things needed to be great. For others, it may be getting back into the best shape of their lives. While for others, it could just be focusing on mental and intellectual development one needs to get there.

Regardless of the need, my hope is that through sharing my life lessons and perspective, hopefully, I can help someone prevent making the mistakes I made and find their road to success and achievement to build the best version of themselves to create the life they desire.

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